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The Mortgage by Design™ Experience



"Too often, people buy (and refinance) homes in a vacuum, without considering how that purchase is going to affect other aspects of their lives.  This can be a big mistake, and therefore you must recognize that owning a home holds very important implications for the rest of your financial plan.  Although a fine goal, owning a home is not the ultimate financial planning goal, and in fact how you handle issues of home ownership may well determine whether you achieve financial success."  --Ric Edelman, Author of "The Truth about Money"



The Four-Step Mortgage By Design Process

The Mortgage by Design process is a unique experience that helps individuals and families with education, clarity, and confidence to determine the best financing plan to purchase, or refinance, their home, 2nd home or investment property. Nobody “wants” a mortgage…it’s about a place to call home and working towards financial independence.


mortgage by design financial planning with brad dale


Step 1 - Planning

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Step 3 - Implementation

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Step 2 - Blue Print

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Step 4 - Financial Independence

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