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The Financial Independence Phase

Mortgage By Design

Here’s where we continue adding value to our relationship by helping you with any questions that may arise after closing. We will also help you manage your mortgage loan going forward based upon your needs; paying your loan off early, lowering your payment, removing your private mortgage insurance, facilitating a Home Equity Line of Credit, or helping you pull cash out if needed. We will also help educate you around the 4 financial blind spots and you can avoid them on your road to financial independence.

The Financial Independence Phase will:

  • Annual reviews to optimize mortgage management, reduce long-term borrowing costs, debt management, and financial success.

  • Introduction to How to Avoid the 4 Financial Blind Spots on your road to financial independence.

  • Ongoing communication to keep current with the ever changing financial and mortgage markets.

  • A trusted source to turn to for financial insight

Financial Indepence Information

Brad and his team are standing by to serve you. Please reach out to them now!

Consult with Brad 

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